21 Jan: Reboot & Rejvenate JSD

Lets take a giant big leap this year and challenge yourself to try one thing new every month and make 2017 the best one yet!!!! Join JSD for a fun filled kick ass blast of dance, toning, stretching, meditation & hiking in beautiful Monalea in Wicklow…

On this next 24 hour retreat, We shall be including a cooking demonstration from Raw food expert Siana O’ Connor from ‘Synergy foods’ who will be showing us how to prepare healthy easy-to-prepare snacks. We will also be introducing Orla Owens, expert chef from ‘Cook for Life’ who will be cooking the most delicious yummy wholesome veggie food.

The Dance sessions will be easy-to-follow grooves which will really help you to let go and allow you to lose all your inhibitions which is something that we need to more of in every day life. This is the year we are going to really let loose, laugh, feel free and be the very best you can be!

We are now taking reduced group bookings of a minimum of 4 people. Please email for all details.

All the information on Reboot & Rejuvenate 24 hour retreat is on www.janeshortall.com
Book now as places are limited!

Love Jane 🙂 X